The December meeting of Surbiton Conclave No. 299

On the 8th December 2016, the regular Meeting took place for Surbiton Conclave No.299 at Surbiton Masonic centre.

The Conclave was informed of the sad loss of our honorary member, R.Wy.Bro. Vic Wisden PProvGSR (Sussex), on the 24.11.2016. R.Wy.Bro. Michael Barnes gave a speech in memorium and V.Wy.Bro. Louis Keats said the prayer.

The Supreme Ruler welcomed R.Wy.Bro. Laurence James Young, Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler and Wy.Bro. Leslie Grout, ProvGV.

A total of 20 Brethren were in attendance. Surbiton Conclave has a new joining member, Wy.Bro. Ian Bloodworth ProvGDC (Suffolk). The Supreme Ruler acknowledged that Ian would be a very valuable addition to our conclave. Bringing the membership up to 28 members.

The Supreme Ruler and his Officers demonstrated the first degree Ceremony of Induction, with Bro. Eddie Ertan, offering his services as Candidate. The Supreme Ruler gave an excellent performance, as well as his Officers. Wy.Bro. Paul Fitzgerald gave an excellent explanation of the weapons.

R.Wy.Bro. Laurence James Young, Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler presented a Grand Conclave Certificate to the Supreme Ruler, Wy.Bro. Alan Boniface. Wy.Bro. Colin Beerling, Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler presented Grand Conclave certificates to Bro. Eddie Ertan and Bro. Allan Thompson.

At the Festive Board 20 brethren enjoyed a splendid Christmas Fayre. The usual Toasts were given and received by the Brethren. A raffle was held and through the good support of the brethren, £100 was raised.

The next meeting of the Conclave will be held on the 1st June 2017, which will be an installation meeting.

Article by Wy.Bro. Colin Beerling, DepProvGSR - Secretary


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