An Educational Meeting of Warlingham Conclave

At the January meeting of Warlingham Conclave No. 291 the Brethren were given a talk by Bro. Martin Smith entitled ‘Ritual and Reality’.

An Educational Meeting of Warlingham Conclave

This most enlightening talk about the building of King Solomon’s Temple and the Craft Second Degree Tracing Board was very well received and prompted some interesting discussion afterwards. Bro. Martin’s talk compared the Lecture on the Tracing Board with what we know today about the building of the Temple and the design, materials and architecture of the period.

The Supreme Ruler Wy. Bro. Wally Maynard thanked Bro. Martin on behalf of the Conclave for a most interesting talk. Afterwards we all sat down to a lovely meal at the Nutfield Masonic Centre.

Article and photos by Chris Eley


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